Registration Fees

Register 4 weeks or more out for $40(Early Registration)
Register anytime afterwards for $45
Early registrations will receive a free t-shirt, anyone registering after the deadline will not receive a free t-shirt.


You can download registration forms from both the website or from the Facebook page.

Please use 1/2 inch margins when downloading registration forms.


Please send registration forms and money to:


Portland Youth Conference

Attn: Justin Brink

1844 SE Cesar E. Chavez BLVD.

Portland, OR 97214


All registrations must be postmarked on or before the day of the early registration deadline to receive that price. It’s much easier for the PYC staff if you send your personal checks to your church and then your church sends one final check.  Please try not to send personal checks for the sanity of the staff!

If your church is attending PYC for the first time, you will receive two free registrations. Please call or email if you have questions. (503) 235-2114 or

First Time Registrants


If a person cancels, 2 weeks prior to the event we will refund their money. If for any reason they cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the event, they will lose the registration fee. That money goes to provide food, t-shirts, speaker fees, and other necessities. We already have most of those purchased within 2 weeks of the event. You can transfer the registration fee to another student however with no penalties.

If you are paying by check, please send one church check to PYC and have your students make their checks payable to your church. We will make exceptions for some students who cannot pay the full amount at pre-registration time, but require the money when the student arrives at the conference.

Balances Due

Medical Release Forms

Please make sure you’ve initialed all places on the registration form.  Please do not use a check mark, that isn’t accepted by the insurance company.  This is the student’s permission to be involved in one of the activities at PYC.  Make sure both sides of the registration form is signed and dated!  Please do not use a copy or pencil for signature.  Must be ink!! 

Sometimes there are activities that require their own release form, please make sure those are brought to the conference separately from the registration form as well as the money required!!   

We will provide housing for you if you are coming from more than 45 minutes away and have pre-registered. Please let us know if you need housing! All of our houses are provided by the members of the local sponsoring churches. We need to know how many beds we need, so try not to register late if you need housing.



Usually the speaker will have books or t-shirts for sale as well as the conference shirts. You should bring some extra money in case you might want one. The facility also has a coffee shop with a variety of drinks both hot and cold available. We have also allowed the students to have free time during the recreation time. Most students enjoy hanging out at the mall, or visiting tourist spots. If your student wants to be involved in one of those activities, please make sure they have extra money for those activities!